Third Studio Album in production!
01 Jul 2014 | a cappella

Techiya Sunrise

Techiya Sunrise
a cappella
Release date
01 July 2010
Techiya Sunrise
01 July 2010 | a cappella


Track List

1. Miriam’s Song
2. Yonatan Shapira
3. Wake me up When Passover Ends
4. Rumania, Rumania
5. Carmen Sandiego
6. Halicha l’Kesariya (Eli, Eli)
7. Rak b’Yisrael
8. Melech Shelach
9. Die Moorsoldaten
10. Hine Ba Hashalom

In 2010 Techiya released its second CD, Techiya Sunrise.

Techiya Sunrise features 10 songs spanning four languages and different countries of origin, from folk to pop, from upbeat to pensive songs. Click here to listen to samples or purchase the CD for $13 via CD Baby. CDs are also available for purchase at many of our concerts for $10.